Square D Low Voltage Panel Board QMB 600 Amp 480Y/277 Volt 12-10263047-002

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Manufacturer: Square D

Description: 600 Amp Low Voltage Panel Board QMB 

480Y/277 Volt

CAT# 12-10263047-002

Includes the following switches unless previously sold.

Stock ID Catalog Number Voltage Amp Rating Condition
PSS00160 QMB362TW 600 60 USED
PSS00161 QMB362TW 600 60 USED
PSS00162 QMB362TW 600 60 USED
PSS00163 QMB362TW 600 60 USED
PSS00164 QMB363T31W 600 30 USED
PSS00165 QMB363TW 600 100 USED


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